Friday, 17 August 2012

For Gold and Glory - Released

Thanks to the Retro Roleplaying blog for posting about this.
From the For Gold and Glory site.

After 3+ years of work from several talented individuals, I’m proud to officially announce the first complete release of [i]The Adventurer’s Compendium:
A Comprehensive Guide to Adventuring [b]For Gold and Glory[/b] and How to Survive Long Enough to Enjoy It[/i].  This is a role playing game adapted from and based on the Advanced Fantasy RPG (2nd Edition) published in 1989 by TSR and developed by David “Zeb” Cook, Steve Winter, and Jon Pickens.  As a “simulacrum” game, the goal is to update, compile, and revise the material in compliance with the Open Game License to be compatible with old material and create new, derivative work.

Downloading now.

Have updated the Retro Clone List.

Note (30 Mar 2013): The site seems to be down. If you go to the bottom of the Retro Clone List you should find an updated link.

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