Sunday, 1 September 2013

odditiesoflife: Incredible 3D Artwork These truly unique pieces...


Incredible 3D Artwork

These truly unique pieces by Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda literally jump off their canvases toward the viewer. Escape seems to be the main theme of the sculptural work. The artist takes objects, signs, and items of everyday life, mounts them and then appears to deconstruct them by having an important or needed element fly off the image. The clear acrylic wrapping of the sculptures ultimately acts as a kind of barrier to the outside world, constraining them within a kind of impenetrable force field.

Matsueda appears to be making a comment on the desire for individuality and escape from societal rules and norms, with the clear acrylic acting as the inevitable reaction to the attempted escape, literally stopping the object in its tracks. The artwork also displays a sleekness similar to that of high-gloss ads. Matsueda has a background in design which clearly shows in these pieces.


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